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My passion without a doubt is tea. I have devoted hours, days, and years to drinking it, learning about it, and even writing about it. However, I am a woman of many desires and passions. For example wine or more specifically red wine. I typically enjoy between 3-5oz of red wine about 4 times a week. Generally I have wine in the evening closer to bed time. I won’t bore you with the detailed reasons but studies have shown wine can be healthy for the body and when consumed before bed as it helps burn more calories. However…blah blah blah I just love the taste. The supposed health benefits are just a bonus if in fact they are even true.

One day I was inspired to do a little experimentation. As previous stated I am a passionate person. I am an Aries and if you know anything about Aries we are a passionate and fiery people that typically live life by the seat of our pants. We also like to challenge ourselves and let our moods guide us. My mood that day was to abruptly decide to start a five day wine fast. During that fast I replaced my regular glass of wine with the tea du jour. Below is what I did and why. Of course there is no rhyme or reason for my specific choices. I just followed my heart.

Five Day Wine Fast:
Tea Substitutes


Monday: Matcha
Why: I craved something vegetal. Something robust. I needed an energy fix and matcha hit the spot. Though I can’t really recall a wine that would fit a similar flavor profile as that of a matcha I do feel certain wines can give you a feeling similar to matcha. I like to call this wine replacement more emotional than flavor.

Irish Breakfast

Tuesday: Irish Breakfast
Why: I used the boldness in this black tea blend to replace the flavor of some of the bolder reds I often crave. It did an adequate job. Sometimes you just like a slap in the face to get through the rest of the day.

Coconut Cream Rooibos

Wednesday: Coconut Cream Rooibos
Why: Sometimes you need something light and soothing. The natural sweetness filled a certain craving. There are several wines I will sometimes reach for when I want something softer, lighter, and slightly sweet. Tonight was that night.

Fennel Tea

Thursday: Fennel Herbal Tea
Why: First, I am surprised that two days in a row I didn’t actually reach for a traditional tea. I am starting to think I not only drank the wine for flavor but for its relaxation qualities. What a great learning experience. The fennel has always been extremely relaxing for me. Plus it often elicits warm cozy feelings of home in India. This one impacts me both physically, emotionally and all positively. I have a wine for that too…wink…wink.

Winter Frost

Friday: Winter Frost Black Tea Blend by, Me iHeartTeas
Why: This one is a classic favorite. All the flavors are perfect before bed time. Plus it brings me to my happy place. The combination of vanilla, cinnamon, and peppermint have me feeling like I’m home. It is one of those teas I travel with so I can always feel like I have a little piece of home with me where ever I go. It is a reliable tea one that I can trust. An everyday tea. I have an everyday wine too that I buy from Trader Joes called Tusk N’ Red. I can always count on it to hit the spot just like Winter Frost.

Experiment Summary:

I learned that I don’t just drink wine for its supposed health benefits and flavor profiles. It turns out I crave the emotional and psychological effects more than I expected. I feel these five days were more me pairing teas as I did wine to my current mood. I didn’t use either to alter my mood but rather enhance it. I found the lesson profound, unexpected, and valuable.

Next time I plan on another wine fast where I replace wine with teas that have been blended and inspired by wine.

Now that’s over…

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