Pre-Op Matcha

I’ll keep this one short. I have officially entered “Phase Two” of my weight loss journey. After Gastric Bypass in 2014 and nearly 110lbs lost through surgery, hard work, healthy eating, and exercise I have lost and maintained a healthy weight. Despite all my efforts I wasn’t able to avoid the excess skin. As a result tomorrow I head in for surgery. I’m having what most people would call a “Tummy Tuck” or what is technically referred to as a Panniculectomy and Abdominoplasty. The surgeon will remove the excess skin and tighten things so I can look more like my new self.

Tummy Tuck

Surgery was originally scheduled for Friday, April 29 2016 then suddenly today the 27th I was notified the surgeon wasn’t going to be available. Just like that everything moved up a day to the 28th and I was left scurrying to get all the things I needed to get done immediately.

Super Mom

As a wife and mother I typically am responsible for ALL the details at home. So this means I have a lot of things to do plus take care of what I need to prepare. Since I am in a liquid diet I decided the best way to get it all done was tea. I pondered for a while which tea I should drink and it dawned on me that matcha would be the tea for me.


Something rather unexpected happened. Matcha does typically give me a slow surge of energy but this time I shot through the roof. I think this may have happened because I whisked the matcha in a rush and was left with thick remnants that I couldn’t waste. Naturally I lapped it all up. Not my proudest moment but no one was looking so like a rabid dog I lapped up the remaining matcha with gusto. As a result I knocked out so many items from my list I felt like the Flash himself.


I even considered the possibility that I opened a wormhole into the future.


Tonight I’d just like to take a moment and thank matcha for getting me through the tedious tasks I had no choice but to do so that I may write a quick blog post before tomorrow’s adventure.

Wish me luck!

Fingers Crossed

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