Tea With Yoda

Tea With Yoda
May The 4th Be With You Mini-Series

Note: This series is pure fantasy and for entertainment purposes only.

In this series I’ll take you on a brief journey to a galaxy far far away in search of a cup of tea with some pretty influential characters of Star Wars.

Yoda 3

Today’s cup of tea comes straight from the swamp planet of Dagobah where Yoda himself first trained Luke Skywalker the ways of the Jedi. If you recall, this remote planet is wet, lush, and green. So it comes to no surprise that Yoda prefers to sip on matcha (powered green tea) to help him stay focused, energized, and mindful. It is believed Yoda sought matcha for its ability to harness the force, help him discover inner peace, achieve clarity, and to see the occasional disturbance within the force.

Yoda Matcha

To celebrate this memorable occasion Yoda decided to prepare a matcha a little less than traditional, Raspberry Matcha from Adagio Teas.

Raspberry Matcha Adagio

Yoda’s Thoughts: “Natural flavor raspberry is” – he said with satisfaction in his voice. With each sip he began to feel fortified. As the fresh spring flavors were shining through he began to see clearly. He felt as refreshed as a young padawan. Another day of training with Luke he now felt prepared for.

Yoda over matcha

“Great to start the day with it is. Feel renewed you will. Better your mind will be. May the force with you…4th be with you it will.” – He said with vigor and positive outlook.

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