Dear 52Teas, I Have A Confession

Caramel Apple Flavored Honeybush

Dear Frank (Owner of 52Teas),

I think I love you and I don’t care what my husband says. No other man is capable of providing all my different love of foods into tea form the way you do. I am tired of living in the shadows, lurking on your website to see what’s new next week. You know what I love better than anyone. Right now I am addicted to your new concoction Caramel Apple Honeybush. I get a full cup of unadulterated sin without any of the guilt. Oh and Frank you are such a tease. You give me something I just can’t live without and then just like that you take it away. What a tease! So it goes without saying you leave me begging for more.

Review of Caramel Apple Honeybush: Deliciously smooth with a mellow caramel mouthful and a slight apple tart finish. It is absolutely devine. It is the true essence of a real caramel apple made perhaps of a Grammy Smith apple or something similar.
My Rating: 10 out of 10
Perparation: 1 tsp, 208° F, 6 mins.”

So Frank I leave you with this… Keep blending those delicious teas and I will be yours forever.

P.S. Frank, thanks for being such a good sport. That goes to my husband too

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Hi, my name is Rachana Rachel Carter.I am a long time tea addict, foodie, and wine enthusiast. Along with all my passions at the core I am a huge health and fitness advocate.Plus a bit of a geek and as crafty as can be.
When I am not running after the kids, managing the household, and homeschooling my oldest I enjoy blogging about my passions and how it applies to my life.

Thank you for reading!
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