Anxious Anticipation

A Storms A Comin’

It’s true I’m a bit of an odd ball. Unless it poses a very real danger to people and property I look forward to thunderstorms. ETA 11:00am CST until the storm arrives and I haven’t an idea what to drink.

Weather RadarNormally when the excitement starts I make a cup of tea and park myself in front of the window. Sometimes I even head outside and enjoy the show from the protection of my front entryway.

Hoping nothing goes wrong and all we do is marvel at the awe that is nature I still have the problem of which tea to drink. Here are a list of a few I am considering…

Picture Taken From

Picture From

1. Sweet Velvet Fog ( – A creamy, slightly sweet black tea blend. Has delicate notes of caramel, vanilla, and cream. Overall Profile: Creamy Dessert

River Shannon Breakfast Blend Picture From: Upton Tea Imports

River Shannon Breakfast Blend
Picture From: Upton Tea Imports

2. River Shannon Breakfast Blend (Upton Tea Imports) – Bold, brisk black tea blend of Assam and Ceylon. A flavorful and addictive Irish Breakfast tea blend. Overall Profile: Bold

Lapsang Souchong  Picture From: Joseph Wesley Tea

Lapsang Souchong
Picture From: Joseph Wesley Tea

3. Lapsang Souchong (Joseph Wesley Tea) – Not your typical smoky Lapsang Souchong. This is one has a milder smokiness that plays well with the other nuisances found in this Chinese black tea. The favors are implied and complimented perfectly by the smokiness of the tea.  Overall Profile: Balanced

Hourly Weather Report

I have about an hour to make a decision. It’s possible if the storm lasts a while I may have them all. Let me know what you would pick in the comments. Thank you!

See you on the other side.

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