Month: September 2011

thepuriTea Cold Brew Series #3 of 5 – Assam

Day #3 and I have decided to try the Assam. I have been battling a mild migraine and some intestinal pain so I thought the best tea for me would be a simple one. I am glad I tried this one. It was most definitely what the doctor ordered. Tea Name: Assam Tea Company: thepuriTea Tea Notes: Perfectly simple. Nothing… Read more →

thepuriTea Cold Brewed Series #1 of 5

As promised I would like to review a tea I cold brewed from thepuriTea. I plan on reviewing one a day and write a review of each via this blog. I prepared my sample using the “Cold Brew Method” I posted on this blog. Here goes… Tea Name: Emerald Needle Tea Company: thepuriTea Tea Notes: My initial reaction was surprise… Read more →

It’s Been Far Too Long

Oh my tea friends I have missed you. I have left you for far to long and now hope you can forgive me for my absence. So let me explain briefly. Simply put life got in the way and it had to be dealt with. So dare I say I lost interest in the things I enjoyed most with tea… Read more →

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