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iHeartTeas Meets 52Teas

I am happy to say that I have joined forces with Frank of 52Teas. It is my mission to bring back some of Franks very best retired teas back for a limited time. So far I have brought back Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish (Sold out in 1 1/2 days – Clearly a favorite), Watermelon Raspberry Green Tea, Champagne Mojito Flavored Green Tea, and as an added bonus Kitchen Sink a Sencha based green tea. All of which I only have a very limited quantity left.

It is my intention to bring back a new tea or two every couple weeks; or even quicker if teas sell out quickly, as it seems it has been lately. Next week, I hope to have a couple of new gems. The only hint I will give you is that they will both be black tea based. In the future I would love you to send me requests of some of your favorites you would like to see again. If I have enough requests I may be able to make that request a reality. You can send me your requests by visiting iHeartTeas.com, next select any one of my listings and on the right side of the screen you will see a “Contact” button, click on it and send me your requests.

So far this venture has been very positive and I am loving every minute of it. I have gotten to know so many more tea friends and hope to meet even more. You can never have too many tea friends or tea. :)

New Sample Packages Coming Soon

Soon I will have a new listing including a sample package comprised of some of the best of Golden Moon Tea. Within the package I will include the following…

1. Honey Orchid Black (Rare – Part of the GM Single Leaf Club Only) – About 6 grams

2. Coconut Pouchong (Best Seller) – About 6 grams

3. Sugar Caramel Oolong (Best Seller) – About 6 grams

4. Vanilla Mint (Black and Herbal Tea Mix & Best Seller) – About 6 grams

Cost: $10 plus $1.50 US Shipping & $2.50 International Shipping

All will benefit from multiple infusions, some more than others . With each infusion more flavors will be discovered and enjoyed. I would say roughly 2 to 4 servings per tea. You will receive a total of 24 grams of tea giving you an opportunity to try each and determine your likes. I will also be listing indvidual 1 once packages for each listed above. Perfect to order once you have decided your favorites.

Why purchase from me? Affordable and less expensive, plus receive Honey Orchid black, a tea reserved only for members of the GM Single Leaf Club and NOT offered to the general public until now, convenient way to try a variety from one place, larger sample sizes, fast, friendly service and shipping. Need I say more? Plus. all the teas are wonderful. Of course that is my opinion. You can decide for yourself.

iHeartTeas & Personal Handmade Blends

My next adventure; in what I hope to be in the near future, will be to create my own personal blends. I have had great success making wonderful recipes on Adagio Teas with so many that have been featured and in the top 4 for months running. I have always had a knack for what I felt would work wonderfully together and thought I would try it myself. Just the mere idea of it makes my squeal. Hopefully I will have the time, means, and support to setup a test kitchen and start to experiment like the Mad Tea Scientist I hope to be. Don’t worry I plan on working for good and not evil. :) If you have any ideas on what I should try to create first please send those ideas my way. It may be a while before I can really get started but would love to get a head start with some ideas on what my tea friends would like to see me try. If I select one of your ideas I will be sure to let you know and send a little your way if my experimentation was successful. It is the least I can do and hope you would be kind enough to share your thoughts on the tea and perhaps write a review.

I think that should be it for now. I promise to keep you all posted more frequently once things settle at home.

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