Chambre De Sucre “Ooh La-La!”

Chambre De Sucre 

“Ooh La-La!”

Chambre De Sucre Booth at WTE

Being generally less a girly-girl and not quite a “Tomboy” I wasn’t sure what effect if any would I experience with sugar.  Honesty, I enjoy my tea neat which is lucky as I have to limit my sugar intact for medical reasons anyway.  So since my early twenties I have put a blind eye to all things sugary sweet, especially the real thing.

In the case of this company I had spoken with Lisa Kunizaki, the owner of owner Chambre De Sucre several times on Twitter.  She also handles social media and we decided we had to meet at the World Tea Expo and I did just that.  She is such a fun, bubbly, and sweet person.  Lisa has the ideal personality for someone in the “sweet” business.

While at the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas my first contact with Lisa’s sugary confection was at a delightful “Garden Party” hosted by Beth Johnston and staff of Teas Etc.  It was Chambre De Sucre that provided the sweetener in the iced tea we enjoyed in our cute wine tumblers.  While I normally stay away from sweets I decided, “when in Rome” and it was delicious!

I found the sugar from Chambre De Sucre couldn’t be compared to your store brand granulated sugar.  The sugar enhanced the tea drinking experience while still allowing you to enjoy the true essence of the tea itself.  In my experience the sugar most of us are used to can add a syrupy taste your mouth which can often compromise a good tea.   So far so good right?  Still I was thinking this is just sugar, or is it?

Turns out Chambre De Sucre, has a rich Japanese history.  The method in which to create these wonderful treats has been mastered after many decades of practice and experimentation.  In Japan, they have now been making these sugars for over 270 years.  These are the sugars the royal family in Japan has been using since the time of Shogun.  Trust me I know this can’t be replicated at home.  As a fun experiment my six-year-old daughter and I created our own fish shaped decorative sugars and nothing compares to the flavor, consistence, design, and exceptional ability to quickly dissolve in hot or cold beverages as the sugar from Chambre De Sucre.

Here is what I learned after a few wonderful visits to Lisa’s booth and a couple of at home tea parties with my daughter.  This is more than sugar.  It is an experience both in flavor and visual satisfaction.  They have taken something as simple as sugar and given it new life and value.  No more packets of sugar for the masses.  No afternoon tea, tea party, or major social event large or small will ever be adequate without sugars from Chambre De Sucre.

Below I have included some photos from my tea party with my daughter.  By the way, even Daddy joined us for our first tea party and truly enjoyed dropping those cute little sugars in his cup too.  Psst! Please don’t tell him I told you so.

Alex with Sugar Sugar Plate

Tea Party Setup

Tea Time with Chambre De Sucre

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9 Responses

  1. Nice post Rachel! Chambre de Sucre truly is sugar art. Nobody else does anything like it. Love the photo of your darling daughter.

  2. I tried Lisa’s beautiful creations at Jo’s Spring White Tea and although I’m not usually one to sweeten my tea, they really added to the experience. You can tell dad that he isn’t alone because Jason indulged in them too 🙂

  3. Rita says:

    Lovely post! I’m usually a straight tea gal (no sugar or milk), but with such pretty sugars from Chambre de Sucre, I have got to try! That’s a great photo of your little tea gal, start ’em young! 🙂

  4. Xavier says:

    And did the cat like the sugar?

    I will have to look at this company and its sugar.

  5. And start ’em with Finbarr’s Revenge! I approve!

  6. Laurie says:

    What great photos! Looks like my kind of tea party.

  7. Tozy Tea LLC says:

    Wow! I usually like my tea without anything in it, but I will have to try this sugar. It sounds so intriguing! Great blog!

  8. Jackie says:

    Lovely pics Rachel. Your little one is adorable and getting bigger by the minute. You really look beautiful in that blue dress by the way. Anyway, seems to me like Chambre de Sucre is on to a winner. Nice post!

  9. Tea Moment says:

    I love this post, and your daughter is such a cutie! The sugars by Chambre de Sucre are truly in a class by themselves!

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