Its Only Been Four Days, 2017

Yikes! 2017 just got started and it already feels like the longest year ever. With planning my daughter’s tenth birthday party and my twentieth wedding anniversary I think I am finally starting to lose it. Both of the parties are so big and elaborate that I actually have contracts for each.   Yes a contract for a future ten year olds birthday party. Go big or go home I guess. Honesty, I think I would rather just stay home.

Point is I need a way to decompress throughout the day. Having to be this unusually busy for this long has really taken a toll on me. Plus, I am still the family chauffeur, chef, and maid. Did I mention I have houseguest for one month?   Don’t forget I homeschool my oldest and I am still fully committed to working at four to five days a week though usually it is five.   Then top all that off with party planning for events one Sunday after another.

Obviously, I am incapable of quitting or even reducing the amount I planned on doing so I must come up with an alternative idea to make things work. Before I get to my plan I am thankful that my husband has really stepped in and helped out with this kids and housework more than before. My mother in-law who is visiting has been great trying to keep the dishes done and cleaning up after my three year olds toys. Even my future ten year old has been doing well staying on task with her schoolwork, flute practice, and treadmill time. As they say, it takes a village. Just usually I am the “village.”

Problem: Stressed, Overworked, Tired, Health Stuff (I’ll get into that later, maybe.)

Solution: Drink more tea, write, and workout. Tea helps me relax especially when I have it in a fancy cup. The esthetics does a lot for me. Write, because it is a great mechanism in which I am able to vent my frustrations and help others in similar situations. The situations being spread thin while making miracles happen. Workout because without it I wouldn’t have the energy I need to get through my insane schedule.

Tea That Helps

Matcha: Helps me power through the day. This is the Daily Matcha from Mizuba Tea Company paired with a teacup from David’s Tea.

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Puerh: Puerh is so unique and sometimes that unique flavor is exactly what I need when I need to contemplate and think things through. The puerh pictured here comes from Jalam Teas.

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Black Tea: My go-to when I need a caffeine fix or something to warm up and cozy up with. We will call it my “mental maintenance tea.” Pictured here is Doke Black Fusion from Lochan Tea.

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Oolong: Helps me relax, slow down, and appreciate what I have in my hands. Gets me back to remembering why I do what I do and feel fancy while I do it. It is like peace in a cup. Pictured here is the Vanilla Orchid Oolong from David’s Tea paired with a David’s Tea teacup which is sold out online.

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Thank you for reading!


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