3 Week Elimination Diet: Day One

NO Gluten

NO Dairy

NO Eggs

NO Soy

NO Corn

NO Alcohol

Why? Determine what possible irritant is causing my perpetual abdominal bloating. All the listed items being eliminated are possible common irritants. The Elimination Diet I will be following is one suggested by Dr. Susan Blum as part of my education at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition.

How? After three weeks your body should be clear of all these foods. Next, reintroduce one of the eliminated foods every four days to see if you have a reaction. When you are done you will have a better understanding of how each food type will affect you and your body. No one person will have the same results. Note, I decided to also eliminate alcohol, it was not included in the original protocol. It just made sense for me.

Preparation: I had a bit of anxiety regarding what I can eat and the idea of not eating cheese and butter really hit home. So I went on Pinterest, Thrive Market, Daily Harvest, a trip to Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Woodman’s Market, and ton of Internet research to find out what this change would really mean to me and how much it will impact my daily life, mood, and diet. This has really been turning into reeducation on reading labels and really making me aware of what I have been putting into my body regularly that I might not have even realized. With the support of my family and friends I think I have come up a plan to help me get through each day. However, I do expect learning opportunities and changes frequently.

Day 1:

January 8, 2018: I felt anxious but still got through the day rather well. I found out that after reading label after label there are so many hidden foods I never paid attention to. Though I read labels regularly my sights were focused on other items. Looking at different ingredients this time had me thinking we all eat a lot of things we don’t even realize. This is even more motivation to read labels and try to make my own food at home.

Today I went to the gym as usual and found that the oatmeal I had for breakfast really helped me power through both my weightlifting and cardio. I also stuck with my Cordyceps Mushroom Coffee. I love the stuff and it is great for energy and immune function because of the chaga mushroom. I haven’t been really sick in years. Only minor colds that I was able to kick in no time. Mushrooms are truly the original super-food.

After the gym I headed to Woodman’s Market, a goliath of a grocery store. I am not a fan of ridiculously large groceries and especially not one with terrible lighting. I went because of the rumored variety of gluten free options. The rumors were true and I was able to get a few things. I just didn’t enjoy spending so much time there only to realize they only take cash, debit, and checks. I didn’t bring my purse so back home I went to get it and pay. I did of course have my credit card but that didn’t do me any good.

Outcome for the day is I felt pretty relaxed most of the day. I even slept a little better. However, I woke up a little heavier and had an increase in waist measurement. I will assume it is my body adjusting.

Pictured here are all the items I ate. I also had some green tea but didn’t take a picture. Day one is in the books.







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