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3 Week Elimination Diet: Day One

NO Gluten NO Dairy NO Eggs NO Soy NO Corn NO Alcohol Why? Determine what possible irritant is causing my perpetual abdominal bloating. All the listed items being eliminated are possible common irritants. The...


Food Detective Diary: Entry Three

882 calories, all liquid, for three days. Final day is today. However, let me tell you about day two. Every scent, every picture, every time I go into the kitchen I get the sudden...


iHeartTeas Golden Milk Latte Recipe

I’ll be the first to admit, if it isn’t baking I tend to eyeball ingredients, use instinct and hope for the best. More often than not I have been successful. Not to toot my...

iHeartTeas Featured In TEA Magazine 3

iHeartTeas Featured In TEA Magazine

Check it out tea peeps. It is such an honor to be asked and featured in the Spa Edition of TEA Magazine, September 2013 Issue. Click the link for the complete post… iHeartTeas Feature...

Kits, Pumpkins & More @ iHeartTeas 0

Kits, Pumpkins & More @ iHeartTeas

There have been a few things steeping here at iHeartTeas. We have been working hard to come up with new products and ways to save. First we would like to share with you some very...

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