Month: May 2013

What Will It Be? (Non-Tea Post)

Today I had my last doctors appointment before heading out to Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo next week.  Today was like any typical appointment.  Doctor checked on my blood sugar levels to make sure things were still under control.  Lucky for me things are looking good and I will not have to adjust my insulin, I do despise… Read more →

I Just Want To Write

  So often I go from writing to hiatus to writing to just reading and now back to writing and reading all at the same time.  Right now I just feel like writing.  The only problem is I am not sure what I want to write about.  I know tea has been a topic of interest but even then I… Read more →

Can Tea Spark Certain Moods?

Can Tea Spark Certain Moods? We all know that if we need a little something to calm the nerves we reach for a cup of stress relieving chamomile tea.  Even other various calming herbs and botanicals can help us achieve a certain level of calm we may be desperately in need of.  All you have to do is “Google” it… Read more →

Tea & Pregnancy

Tea & Pregnancy I am sure many are curious about just how much tea one should be consuming during pregnancy and especially while traveling to the mother of all tea events, the World Tea Expo in Las Vegas, which is in just about two weeks?  When I arrive I will be just about halfway through my pregnancy and believe me… Read more →

Life’s A Whirlwind

Life’s A Whirlwind I’ve experienced so much excitement this year.  From iHeartTeas and the expansion I have done to my tea-inspired bath and beauty line to finding out I will be a mom again, a “whirlwind” to say the least.  Though this year has proven to be filled with new beginnings and major milestones everything has been wonderful. Let me… Read more →

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