Chocolate Puerh Hot Chocolate – TJ’s & Tea Pairing

Chocolate Puerh Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Puerh Hot Chocolate
TJ’s & Tea Pairing Series
Part #2

Yesterday I spent a lovely evening painting with some very dear friends where I received an indirect compliment. A friend of mine was talking to another attendee at the paiting event. It is someone we didn’t know so obliviously introductions were in order. During this process I was described as her “foodie friend.” I was beyond flattered, like blushing level flattered. In other words my work here is done. I am clearly cultivating a certain persona for myself, one I feel very proud of and feel is a truly reflection of who I am. Yeah, me!

The point of this story was it reminded me it was time to share me pairing of chocolate puerh from Numi Tea and vegan marshmallows from Trader Joes. I have always been a fan of the chocolate puerh so when I saw the new marshmallow product release from Trader Joes I just knew the two would come together “like peas and carrots.” Yup, that was a movie reference, Forest Gump to be exact.


tJ marshmallows

Trader Joes: NEW Vegan Marshmallows
Flavor: Slightly sweeter than traditional marshmallows made with gelatin. They are also a touch denser with a richer consistency. None of this was a problem for me. I would be curious to see how they would roast. The differences were there but they are slight. I encourage you give them a try.

Chocolate Puerh

*Photo from Numi Tea Website

Tea: Chocolate Puerh from Numi Tea
Flavor: The chocolate is clear and present. The puerh provides a bit of grounding. The slight earthiness brings depth and compliments the chocolate. The best part is how well the puerh brings down the natural sweetness in the chocolate and draws out the natural richness. To me that is the best part of chocolate.


Chocolate Puerh Hot Chocolate Recipe

2 Bags of Chocolate Puerh Tea
3 Marshmallows
6oz Hot Water
2oz Cream
Sugar (as desired)

Steep both teabags for 10 mins in hot water. While steeping prepare cream by heating it and if you are up to it frothing it using a handheld frothing device. After the tea has steeped, squeeze the remaining tea out of the tea bags into the cup and toss away the teabags. Add desired sweetener and stir until combined well. Now pour in your cream and avoid stirring unless that is how your prefer it. Finally toss in your marshmallows, find a cozy spot, and enjoy!
Rating: 5 of 5

Puerh Hot Chocolate 2

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