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Best Teas of 2016

Best Teas of 2016 Yes, there were good times. However, for me the bad outweighed the good in 2016.   I am truly hoping 2017 has some good news for us. I for one, plan...


Let’s Get Frothy

Everyone Deserves A Little Froth Let me make this short and sweet so I can go back to my heavenly tea latte daydream. Like most of you, I’m a busy little bee everyday. Yes,...

Baby Mama Tea – BijaBody 1

Baby Mama Tea – BijaBody

This “Baby Mama” wants Baby Mama certified organic naturally caffeine free tea from BijaBody.  Melissa, the owner of BijaBody was kind enough to give me first taste of her newest blend not yet even...

Tea Review: Berry Rooibos from EPI Tea

Tea Review: Berry Rooibos from EPI Tea

Thank you again EPI Tea for sending along this little gem for me to sample and review. Berry Rooibos – #2 of 4   Tea: Berry Rooibos (Rooibos Tisane) – Pyramid Bag  Steep Time: 10 mins...

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