Month: June 2013

Would More Men Drink Tea If

Would More Men Drink Tea If… Disclosure: I am not speaking of all men when I right this post so please no angry comments. This post is not serious by any means.  Though, while reading this post I am sure you know which men I am talking about.  They are not fictitious; we know at least a few even if… Read more →

Chambre De Sucre “Ooh La-La!”

Chambre De Sucre  “Ooh La-La!” Being generally less a girly-girl and not quite a “Tomboy” I wasn’t sure what effect if any would I experience with sugar.  Honesty, I enjoy my tea neat which is lucky as I have to limit my sugar intact for medical reasons anyway.  So since my early twenties I have put a blind eye to… Read more →

Baby Mama Tea – BijaBody

This “Baby Mama” wants Baby Mama certified organic naturally caffeine free tea from BijaBody.  Melissa, the owner of BijaBody was kind enough to give me first taste of her newest blend not yet even released on her site for me to sample at the World Tea Expo earlier this month in Las Vegas.  Of course being about five months pregnant… Read more →

Get The Most of World Tea Expo

Get The Most of World Tea Expo I have just returned from my second trip to the World Tea Expo and this time with a slightly different focus than the last.  As you know I am a blogger and that is actually how I started out and had become known to others in the tea word.  Last year when I… Read more →

With 99% Accuracy

After much probing and the stubborn attitude of the inhabitant within me we have an answer with 99% accuracy. It’s a BOY!!! It is official I have will now have one of each and that is all I have ever wanted or needed. Next up is the name. 7 years ago we decided if we had a boy we would… Read more →

New Favorites at World Tea Expo 2013

Wow, what an amazing time the World Tea Expo has been thus far.  I am having the best time visiting friends while discovering new and interesting tea companies, and products.  Based on what I have seen so far I can say with confidence that there is still so much more tea has to offer the world. Within this post I… Read more →

Pre-World Tea Expo Prep

I am counting the days before boarding my flight to the World Tea Expo for now the second year in a row.  Making sure not forget the important documents of course.   This year is going to be a bit more challenging on my feet while pregnant but I am sure with the help of my husband and business partner… Read more →

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