Matcha vs Sencha Challenge Day 4

Matcha Love

“One of the most predictable thing about life is just how unpredictable it really is.” I am sure this quote originated somewhere more amazing then where I first heard it which was in the Disney movie Ratatouille. I said last week that this week was going to be business as usual and it has proven to be far from that. My family schedule has been hectic and with my husband away on business this all falls on me. Not a problem normally but as I said it has been a lot busier than originally expected. With two choir concerts, martial arts class, doctor appointments, and a little boy dangerously approaching the “terrible twos” my sanity is at a premium.

Nevertheless, I promised you a challenge between the Unsweetened Matcha Love and Sencha Shot ready to drink beverages from Ito En and far be it for me to disappoint. First a little background, prior to my introduction to the Unsweetened Matcha Love at the World Tea Expo 2015 in Long Beach, CA I was drinking the Ito En Sencha Shot prior to my workout five days a week. However, now that the ready to drink matcha is available I had to see how it would impact my energy and workout. So far the results have been surprising and pleasant. If you want to see my past blog posts please use the links below.

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Here is how this week started. Completed not as planned I had a scheduling conflict so no gym on Monday. However, I still drank my Matcha Love and did my planks, squats, and walked around my neighborhood. However, it was supposed to be my weights and cardio day. Hence, unpredictable and I had to adapt. Now I have a previous engagement scheduled for tomorrow during my gym time. In order not to miss what would have been my weight day I did weights today. Yup, two days in a row. It is a no-no and the trainer that has taken an interest in my journey did warn me not to do that. However, I was really left with little choice since tomorrow I will only have time for cardio. So despite the warning I got my weights and cardio done.

I drank my Matcha Love right before my workout as always and I was able to move through my workout with ease. Everyday seems to get a little easier. I experience a more balanced and consistent flow of energy through the entire workout. Now for the interesting part. As soon as I got home from the gym I started cleaning, did laundry, dishes, and so much more. I just kept going. In fact I still am. I don’t know if I can attribute this drive to the matcha itself but I can tell you that it does help. When I have the mental will and physical means I feel like I have found balance. Above all so far I feel the matcha has provided a stronger mental focus and drive then the energy boost I had thought I would get.
Again, these are just my experiences and yours will likely vary. Though so far I am one satisfied customer.

See you tomorrow!

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