Matcha vs Sencha Challenge

Matcha vs SenchaPREFACE

My normal routine is to have a  Sencha Shot from Ito En right before I hit the gym.  A little background… I go to the gym a minimum five days a week, Monday through Friday.  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I do weights and cardio.  Tuesday and Thursday is cardio only.  Weekends I stay active by doing outdoor activities with the family especially with summer and warm weather approaching.  Yes, shopping counts as cardio too. Haha!


Since I have only done this once I would need more experimentation and consistency to firm up my actual final impressions.  The Sencha Shot gives me more of an energy boost up front. I always liked that because it allowed me to start strong and once I start to feel the natural build up energy while working out I would get a solid finish.  Love the Sencha Shot and I’ve been drinking it right before my workouts fairly consistently for about a month.  I can say with certainty it works for me.  Remember I am not a doctor…blah…blah….blah.  These are strictly my experiences and they will most certainly vary person to person.  I do however encourage experimentation.

The Unsweetened Matcha Love was more subtle but more substantial. By the way, I was introduced to the Matcha Love line at the World Tea Expo 2015.  Best part was that it didn’t wear off as my workout went on.  I felt it all throughout which actually helped me push myself harder as opposed to wishing I was done as I got closer to the end of my workout.  I am very interested in giving this more experimentation.  Seeing as I have only tried it once I can’t really say I am onboard yet.  However, I can say that results are promising.

Stay Tuned





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