Month: March 2012

On A Bubble Tea Mission

Today I received my first ever bag of Tapioca Pearls (a.k.a. Boba) from Amazon. I am so very excited. It is my first time ever trying to make Bubble Tea at home. I have always gone to the mall and picked up a nice cool glass of either Milk Bubble Tea or a combination of Milk and Coconut Bubble Tea.… Read more →

Why Am I Addicted To Tea?

I often ask myself what it is about tea that has me coming back for more. I imagine many of you have asked yourself something similar as well. Here is my answer and I challenge you to answer this question as well. I’d love to hear about your reasons… 1. So many choices, endless possibilities, a flavor vacation all over… Read more →

My Coconut & Honey Matcha Latte Recipe

My Coconut & Honey Matcha Latte Recipe Ingredients: 2 tsp Matcha – I used Obubu Teas Matcha Hot Water – Enough to make a Matcha paste 2% Milk – 4oz Coconut Milk – 3oz Half & Half – 1oz Honey – 3 tsp or add to your taste Whipped Cream – Optional but delicious * Warning – Rich & Creamy… Read more →

Bringing Order to Chaos

Here is the simple explanation to what it is I am trying to do… Currently, iHeartTeas is just little old me trying to make room for new teas in my cupboard with the occasional custom blend I create using aforementioned tea.  I have had more success than I had ever anticipated with minimal to moderate effort.  That is the “Good… Read more →

Dear 52Teas, I Have A Confession

Caramel Apple Flavored Honeybush Dear Frank (Owner of 52Teas), I think I love you and I don’t care what my husband says. No other man is capable of providing all my different love of foods into tea form the way you do. I am tired of living in the shadows, lurking on your website to see what’s new next week.… Read more →

Taking A Hobby To The Next Level…

Well, I am taking the plunge and stepping it up and turning my love for tea a little something more. I will try my best to keep you posted with all my doings. I plan on taking this slow because I want to do it right. I want to do this for myself, my family and mostly I want to… Read more →

What Would You Do?

So as it turns out there is a person out there with the name Tea Geek and as some of you know I have recently started a website called TeaGeeks. The differences are of course one website is “.net” and mine is “.com” and I have a “s” on the end of my name and he doesn’t. I found out… Read more →

iHeartTeas Happenings

iHeartTeas Meets 52Teas I am happy to say that I have joined forces with Frank of 52Teas. It is my mission to bring back some of Franks very best retired teas back for a limited time. So far I have brought back Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish (Sold out in 1 1/2 days – Clearly a favorite), Watermelon Raspberry Green Tea,… Read more →


 NORTH AMERICAN TEA CHAMPIONSHIP REVEALS THE 20 BEST TASTING, PREMIUM HOT TEAS IN THE MARKETPLACE   Judges Award Rishi Tea and QTrade Teas & Herbs with Numerous Wins LAS VEGAS, Nev. (March 8, 2012) — With the 20 best tasting teas, the North American Tea Championship (NATC) is shining the spotlight on the most notable, high-quality teas that are commercially… Read more →

For The Love of Teaware

I have been asked from time to time what I have for some interesting tea ware. I actually posted these pictures on Twitter about one month ago and have been meaning to post pictures here as well. So without further ado… Updated: February 19, 2013 (It’s been a while, sorry) Wow, I can’t believe I neglected this post. I am… Read more →

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