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A Blog With No Pictures

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A Blog With No Pictures

Why Passion Isn’t Enough

You pour your heart and soul into what you love and hope others love what you do even a fraction as much you.  Of course you have those select few that provide support and guidance.  The ones that love you and by extension what you do.   What I am talking about is those that don’t know you or are just starting to get to know you.  We all want our efforts to be noticed, remembered, and leaving them wanting more.

Unfortunately, passion is not enough.  As it turns out we all have it.  Some act on it, others let it burn within them.  Wanting someone to notice what your most passionate about is like trying to grab the eyes and ears of someone with little to no attention span.  There needs to be a better way to grab the attention of someone outside of screaming at him or her, plus it doesn’t work anyway.  It needs to be fun.  If I can’t do that I’d better just throw in the towel.

Simply put, I love tea, creating things with my hands like bath and beauty products, among other things.  Just because I love these things doesn’t mean everyone else will.  I used to think that if everyone knew how much I liked doing what I do that they would fall in love with it too.  It just doesn’t work that way.  I am now officially on a mission to make things more fun.

It is time to take a more creative role.  Let’s face it no matter hold old we get and home much our responsibilities change we all love to have fun.  We all love a treat from time to time.  We all want time to take care of ourselves and not feel guilty about it.  As adults we are always doing for others such as our kids, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, and friends.  It never stops!  Well, it stops here and NOW!  It is time we all enjoyed ourselves a little more and add ourselves to the list. What’s one more right?

Although, my passion isn’t enough and truthfully only about a tenth of you reading this probably even got this far.  It isn’t your fault.  You probably got distracted or decided it was too long, got bored, probably because there are no pictures, or any other number of reasons.  Nevertheless, don’t worry I am not mad at you.  I am guilty of the same.  Like many of you out there I have way too much going on.

To finish, here is my plan.  I am going to have more fun.  If I am having fun, you will want to join me.  Everyone hates being the last one picked in gym just like everyone hates missing out on a chance to have fun.  I will start to make more fun tea blends for sale.  I will include fun recipes for you to try with them.  I will share DIY recipes to make your own bath and beauty products at home, and show you fun way to use what I have in my inventory.  My goal is if I am doing fun things, so will you, and hopefully that will inspire you to support me by making a purchase from time to time on my site,  When you make that purchase and share a kind word or two I will see my passion spreading and the cycle will continue.  Then I will be able to afford adding to my inventory, share more ideas, recipes, and other fun inspired projects.

Lets spread our passions more creatively.

It’s time we ALL had more FUN!

Tag…I Guess I’m It!!! – Confessions of a Tea Blogger

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Tag…I Guess I’m It!!! – Confessions of a Tea Blogger

 What a wonderful idea this is.  So much so I dropped everything I was doing including my now one-month-old son; in his crib of course, and told him that for the next few hours he had better fend for himself.  Of course what I really meant was, that he is taking a nap and this is the only time I have while being held hostage by his will and schedule. Believe me when I say this was put together at a feverish pace.


First, thank you Lu Ann; of The Cup of Life, for “tagging” me.  After which I so desperately just wanted to say… “Ha-Ha you can’t catch me.” I just couldn’t help myself.

1) First, let’s start with how you were introduced & fell in love with the wonderful beverage of tea.

Defiance, not to put to blunt a point on it.  For all of my life all members of my family drank tea.  However, for those who know me I come from an Indian family and as I am sure you can assume my family is big into Chai.  I on the other hand was not a big fan of all the sugar and milk.  The spices were wonderful but still the way it was prepared wasn’t my favorite.  So I decided to venture out of the chai world and explore different teas in an out right defiance of what my family was drinking.  It was there my love and affinity for tea was born.  Funny story, I don’t mind the version my family makes now though I still don’t drink it.  I do enjoy other chai’s now and I make my own version with milk and sugar but am very cautious of how much I use.

2) What was the very first tea blend that you ever tried?

Honestly, I haven’t got a clue but my guess is Lipton as it is a vivid memory in my mind as a child.  My family often used Lipton tea bags as a quick an easy base to make their everyday chai.  However, this is no longer the case and hasn’t been for a long time.  They now strictly use a loose leaf tea blend.

3) When did you start your tea blog & what was your hope for creating it?

I am not 100% certain but I believe I started my blog roughly 4 years ago and I think I am approaching 5 years early to mid-next year.  I can’t believe it has been that long.  I started my blog as a way to keep track of what I was drinking.  Then it became more.  It was a great venue to be able to express not only what tea I was drinking but where I was when I was drinking it, how it made me feel, and what I was doing.  Not a day goes by that I don’t have a tea in hand, which in turn means so many wonderful memories to remember each of which I can review in my catalog of blog posts.  My blog continues to evolve organically and is an excellent representation of my thoughts and me.  I can’t image a better way to express myself and  love the feedback from those who read them.

4) List one thing most rewarding about your blog & one thing most discouraging.

The most rewarding thing about my blog is the number of people I have met and the friendships I have been able to foster.  I can’t believe the doors it has opened.  I never thought my ramblings were so interesting to so many.  As for discouraging, if I really had to think of one thing I would say staying on a schedule and remaining engaging to my readers consistently.

5) What type of tea are you most likely to be caught sipping on?

Most likely a black tea as I am no fuss kind of girl when I need tea and don’t want to spend a lot of time making it and worrying about steep parameters, measurements, and such.  Black tea can be so forgiving which I find a desirable trait especially these days.  Specifically, I have been drinking a lot of my blend, Winter Frost from iHeartTeas.  It absolutely puts me in the holiday spirit, which just happens to be my favorite time of year.  As for cold tea I will ALWAYS have a bottle of Ito En’s Oi Ocha Dark within arms reach no matter where I am.  I love it and it is my green tea fix when I don’t take the time to make it at home.

6) Favorite tea latte to indulge in?

Tough question, I have been experimenting a lot of different recipes using various different teas for the past couple of years now and each offers a type of satisfaction for whatever mood I may have been in at the time.  However, at this moment I am going to say a Matcha Latte and only because I didn’t feel comfortable having Matcha while I was pregnant and now that I am not I have started to slowly introducing it back into my diet. Yummy!

Matcha Tea

7) Favorite treat to pair with your tea?

I don’t often pair anything with my tea.  However, when I do I reach for some macrons, scones with clotted cream, and cookies.  Not all at once of course.  Also, turns out I like a good, bold, brisk, black tea with pizza too.

Pizza and Tea Pic

8) If there was one place in the World that you could explore the tea culture at, where would it be & why?

I would love to visit Japan.  I am fascinated with the culture and flavors of the country.

9) Any teatime rituals you have that you’d like to share?

I don’t have any rituals per say unless, it is a ritual to drink tea all the time with everything.  That and my husband as of late has been preparing tea for us every night before bed.

10) Time of day you enjoy drinking tea the most: Morning, Noon, Night or Anytime?

Anytime – ALL THE TIME!!!


11) What’s one thing you wish for tea in the future?

I wish people to have the opportunity to try some really good teas for their flavor and not get so caught up in any supposed health benefits or weight loss claims.

– Who do you tag?


Jackie of Tea Trade and Cups of Tea with Jackie

Darlene of The Tea Lovers Archives

Xavier of Teaconomics

Ricardo of My Japanese Green Tea

*Side Note: When you create your own tag post, please start by letting your readers know who you were initially tagged by. Feel free to use the photo above as well.
**If you end up participating in this TAG, tweet me your post so I can get to know you more too. You can tweet either accounts: @iHeartTeas OR @rachelkcarter

Help Us Raise Funds For Baby Ethan

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Friends, it has been a rough couple of days for the Carter Household. Seems there was misunderstandings around a baby shower I thought was happening for Baby Ethan. My family is trying hard but it appears it just isn’t going to be financially affordable without our financial help. Though normally I would be fine with that I started looking at my finances and it appears my “baby brain” caused me to forget some very up and coming expenses that cannot be avoided.

I don’t like being a burden on anyone and I rarely ask for anything so rather than having an old-fashioned baby shower my husband and I decided to swallow our pride and ask for help. We have started a “GoFundMe” fundraiser to help start a fund for Baby Ethan and the things I need for him. Plus, I have accrued more medical bills than I realized during this pregnancy. I just figured it couldn’t be that bad since I didn’t have IVF like I did with my daughter. Turns out “high risk” is “high risk” and that means expenses. I know I am asking a lot and it isn’t anyone else’s responsibility but ours but with the limited time I have left before this baby comes I am just now realizing time is running out.

Any help would be appreciated. Only help if you can. We will be forever grateful and we will make sure Ethan hears the stores of all of our tea friends coming together to help us out.

At the very least, I’d love to send you one of my handmade “thank you” cards to all that can contribute in anyway. I know it isn’t much but it does come from the heart.

It takes us great courage to ask and if it were for us we wouldn’t ask but this is truly to make sure we get what is needed for our little miracle, Baby Ethan Asom Carter.
Baby Ethan

Special thanks to Nicole of @teaformeplease for making the first donation. It truly brought a tear to my eye.

Donate Here:

The Inside Scoop – iHeartTeas

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The Inside Scoop – iHeartTeas

 iHeartTeas Banner

First, thank you for reading this post.  It always humbles me when I have readership on my personal blog and especially the business one too.  It is something we put our heart and souls into.  Those with small businesses will tell you, you don’t do this to get rich quick.  We do this so we can share our passion for tea.  More often than not running a business, even a small one means around the clock work.  Coming up with new ideas is the easy part, the legal stuff is the most annoying part and bringing your ideas to reality the most rewarding but don’t get me wrong also the most challenging.

Challenging, I think is an understatement.  However, if you can get past the hurdles you will find the feeling euphoric.  Imagine your creation bringing joy to others and finding a place in their hearts as well as yours.  That feeling makes it all worthwhile.  Sometime ago, lets say roughly two years ago I decided it was time I take the next step.  Without even noticing I already had a small but loyal fan base.  I had for years wanted to build my own website.  After all I do have a programing background no matter how long ago that may have been.  Once a programmer always a programmer as they say.  We programmers have an analytical mind; we see the world in flow charts, numbers, organization, and oh do I love my spreadsheets.  It is frightening to think that, but for me that is a reality.  Luckily I am also creative thus having full function of both sides of my brain.  That explains the headaches, right? Just kidding.

As for the website, I decided I better reach out to someone who has been working on them more in the recent past than myself.  I really wanted to create one myself but unfortunately I didn’t have the courage, self-confidence and honestly the time to do it myself.  I reached out to some very near and dear tea friends over at Tea Trade.  I was lucky to have so much support from the unstoppable husband and wife duo Pete and Jackie.  I believe firmly that their faith in me and that of my family, and other friends pushed me to finally get the motivation to build an e-commerce site of my own.  I have always wanted to do it all myself, this way I can see my vision, so it was my Aries stubbornness and fire that drove me to build my own site.  You can still visit me at but now you will see a brand you shiny website built and created by me.  With the exception of maybe two or three pictures all the art, descriptions, and décor is mine.  I am proud of my accomplishments and I hope you have the chance to visit my site and offer me some feedback.

iHeartTeas News:

Tropical Green Tea Blend tangerine salt scrubIndigo OolongBlueberry Cocoa Lip Sugar Scrub

Brand New Website: – Cleaner, sleeker, and 100% my design.

A few new product releases:

New Teas:

Tropical {Green Tea Blend} – A juicy green tea blend made with mango & apricot flavors

Apple Pie Chai [Black Tea Blend} - A spicy autumn reminiscent chai sure to warm the soul and makes for a wonderful Apple Pie Chai Latte.

Raspberry Cordial [Black Tea Blend} – Rich and sinfully creamy chocolate tea blend with sweet raspberries.

Vanilla Mint {Green & Black Tea Blend} – Cool, refreshing, and minty tea blend. Served hot or iced it is sure to please.

Indigo Oolong – A unique green oolong folded with ginseng and licorice.

New Tea-Inspired Bath & Beauty Products: 

Zen {Milk Bath} – Relaxing, calming, and moisturizing coconut milk bath with lavender essential oil, and sea salt.

Lemon {Milk Bath}  - Vibrate, soothing buttermilk milk back with lemon essential oil, black tea fragrance, sweet almond oil, and sea salt.

Blueberry Cocoa {Lip Sugar Scrub} – Designed to scrub away dead skin cells from your lips leaving them soft and smooth.

Pick Your Own Perfume Oil - Take this opportunity to choose from over 40 fragrance and essential oil combinations.  You are sure to find a blend that will best suit your preferences.

Tangerine {Salt Scrub} – Made with dead sea salt, and a nourishing combination of oils with the invigorating scent of Tangerine Essential Oil.  Will leave your skin touchable soft.

Limited Edition Yixing Teapots – Unique shapes and looks, once these are gone they are gone.

Coming soon two new summer inspired loose-leaf tea blends.

Please check out and I am sure you’ll find something you just can’t live without.   Remember, we strive to be fresh, handmade, and unique so visit soon and visit often, as there is always something new at iHeartTeas.

Just trying to be modest though I should mention that coming soon to a brand new teashop opening in Lincoln Park, Chicago there will be a selection of teas from iHeartTeas on their shelves and being sold by the cup.  Once they officially open I will share more insight.

There is a little something else coming soon too but I can’t give it all away now.

Changes – This Time It’s Personal

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Changes On The Horizon

This Time It’s Personal

I just can’t believe how fast the time is flying.  I am so close to entering my third trimester.  Not a moment goes by that this little boy doesn’t like to punch or kick me.  Same thing happened with my first child but with this one, his movements have more purpose.  He lets me know if he wants to me to move, turn, or adjust.  Basically this child has already made me his puppet.  We have also decided on his name.  It will be in fact, “Ethan Asom Carter” as many know “Asom” is the original name of  “Assam” tea growing region of India prior to the change the British made during their rule.

Diapers As for the baby, I just got a rude awaking during an impromptu visit to Babies R’ Us, where I started my registry, also did one on Amazon and found out that infants go through 8 to 10 diapers a day.   I don’t remember that at all the first time around.  In my defense the first time around was over six years ago, plus I am suffering from major “baby brain.”  For example, I forgot my cellphone at home a few times and almost left my wallet in my sister’s car.  I am usually attached to such things so it is hard for me to image forgetting them.  I am also starting to feel the approach of the “nesting’” phase, just wish I could get past being so tired all of the time.  Lucky for me, I had enough energy to go through my daughter’s closet, as the two kids will be sharing a room in the beginning.

Well, that is enough baby talk for now. We all know how much a change that will be but the details really won’t become apparent until after he is born.  All I know is, “bring money” I am going to need a lot to get ready for his arrival.


Yay, vacation is coming soon.  I have decided no major decisions unless necessary or any other projects until after we get back.  We are headed for the last vacation as a family of three to sunny California.  After arriving in San Francisco we are on our way to Napa Valley where we will enjoy the pleasures of relaxation and a slower pace.  I am most excited about riding the “Wine Train.”  Yes, there will be wine and for me either none or a spittoon by my side.  The trip was planned prior to my pregnancy and we decided we wouldn’t make a change, as there is more to do than just drink.   We are probably going to take the opportunity to visit local wineries for potential wedding locations.   The mister asked me to remarry him and we decided we would renew our vows in Napa Valley.  Most likely, the wedding will not happen for another four years when we celebrate our 20-year anniversary.  It is hard to believe it is only 4 years away.   We spend a week in Napa and then we head back to San Francisco for 4 days.  We purchased the “CityPass” so we could use all the public transportation we want plus included we get take a Bay Area Cruise, head to the Science Museum, the Exploratorium, and the Aquarium on the Bay.  The “CityPass” was such a great deal, and I am glad the concierge at the hotel we are staying at recommended it to us.


Next, up our new furniture should finally be arriving from Ethan Allen this Saturday, take two.  This past Saturday they showed up and said they had no furniture to deliver and only an order to pick up our old sofa.  Like a hostage situation I told the delivery people, “you don’t get my old stuff until you delivery my new stuff.”  They backed off apologized and then I got a phone call today to reschedule for next Saturday.


I know there is a ton more I can talk about like our visit to the movies where we watched Despicable Me 2 or even the new clothes I bought for baby Ethan.

Oh wait; I suppose you may want to hear about those tea samples I picked up from Tealet.  I grabbed three from their recent selection of teas for an upcoming auction.  One of which was a Japanese Black Tea.  It was amazing, full of body, smooth, and will a lot of character.  Plus, the samples arrived quickly and were very generous.  I highly recommend grabbing some.  It was delicious!

There I added my bit about tea!

Now Serving #2

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Now Serving #2

(A Near Tea-Free Post)


I am not sure how else to say this but… “I’m Pregnant!”  We have kept this information secret long enough and want to share with all of our friends online this amazing news.

Many of you may not know this but our now six-year-old daughter was conceived through in-vitro-fertilization or in other words a “test tube baby.”  I’ll have you know the fault was entirely mine and not that of my manly and virile hubby.  No, he didn’t ask me to mention that.  That was totally all me aren’t I a sweetie?  It really is true.

Nevertheless, after she was born we decided she was going to be our one and only.  She was a miracle after all, plus I had a burst appendix in my second trimester and gallbladder removed just two months after I gave birth to her.  We thought there was no reason to tempt fate and certainly no reason to risk my health any further.

Roughly three years ago I got pregnant again and naturally at that.  We thought it was a miracle, how could this happen?  Last we checked I was broken with not just one reason but also several reasons for why I suffered from infertility.  All of the sudden we had to consider the possibility of another child.  A sibling for our daughter who we later felt deserved to have someone else.  When the day comes and we have passed on it only felt right for her to have family by her side.

Then just as quickly as the miracle happened it was taken away.  I had a miscarriage.  We were devastated and from then on I no longer believed in the possibility that I could ever successfully get pregnant and stay that way.  I was depressed and in denial.  I was learning about things like “blighted ovum” and why what happened in fact happened.  I knew it was too good to be true.  The baby never developed but my body thought I was pregnant.  I went in hoping to see the heartbeat and there was nothing more than a yolk sac.

Fast-forward roughly a little over one year and a half ago.   Hubby and I started talking about having another baby late 2011.  In fact he asked me if I wanted to try just out of the blue.  I was in shock since it had always been me with the strong desire to have a second.  However, after the miscarriage I went into shut down mode and had gotten used to the idea that there would only be the one now having to think about another was like opening myself up to fail.

After more than a year later of thinking I had to decide if I really wanted to put myself in this position again.   I decided it would be worth the struggle and possible heartache for our daughter.  Last December 2012 we made the conscience decision to try for another baby.  I knew I wasn’t going to be making this baby the “old fashioned” way but trust me it wasn’t for a lack of trying so I decided to make the necessary appointments and get setup with the same fertility center I used when I got pregnant with my daughter.

This January I met with a lot of different specialists.  I had a lot of blood drawn, ultrasounds, and medicine changes for my chronic illnesses.  After all that poking and prodding we are told…”Sorry, your insurance is from out of state and you are considered self-pay for all fertility services.”  I was in shock, I felt numb, and once those feelings subsided I was angry.  Illinois is where I live and have been living for a long time.  Here we have a state law that requires infertility coverage for those who require it.  Though, since my husbands company is based out of California we were considered “out of state” to that I say rubbish.  Now they next step was to fight it.  Do not get me upset because one way or another I will prevail.   Still I was also fighting my own body clock.  I didn’t want to get pregnant too much later since I am getting older.  This fight was going to take time and I started to get down on the whole idea again.  Perhaps this was a sign that it just isn’t meant to be and that I need to be happy with what I already have.  All this happened late January just in time for our 16th wedding anniversary.

Now, go back to March 3rd my husband’s birthday.  I started to feel something was amiss.  I started counting days and what I thought I missed by a couple of days was actually more than a week, darn February with its fewer days.  I still had some old unexpired pregnancy tests at home and decided I had better just check in case since not only did I miss the big day but also other little things were going on.  Soreness in certain places, super sniffer, cravings for raw broccoli, and ice shavings, and just plain flat out super tired.  I fell asleep at anytime, anywhere, and you swore I was narcoleptic.  Though, I had an excuse explaining everything.  I thought it must be my diabetes since lately my sugar has been fluctuating, and maybe I am low on iron since that has happened before.  As you can see it had to be something else but the responsible side of me thought I had better check just to be safe.

March 3rd, 2013 5:15am  -  I took a pregnancy test.

In less than a few seconds I saw the darkest of pink lines ever and not just one but two.  The test line was darker than even the control line.  My heart dropped, I waited the three minutes as instructed and still there it was staring me in the face.  Looks like I stuck it “to the man.”  So what else could I do but march out into the bedroom with test in hand.  I saw my husband rustling about so I expected he was about to wake up and figured he must have heard me making a racket.  I thought for sure he was going to ask what I was up to.  So to preempt his questions I wished him a Happy Birthday.  He said, thank you and I said “No, sweetie really Happy Birthday!” then I turned and pulled the test out from behind my back and gave him the shock of his life.  He was so happy and couldn’t believe it.  This was most definitely a “love child” that must have happened on Valentine’s Day.  Later, he says… “I was just getting up to use the washroom.”  I started to laugh.  It was a great day for all of us.

Now as the days went on I started to worry the same thing that happened three years ago would happen again and I am happy to report I have now seen the baby two times and it is growing well.  I am just about ten weeks along and the baby has a strong heartbeat.  The pregnancy has already been filled with excitement.  I have nausea, lots of soreness, fatigue, and apparent moodiness.  Being sick these past two weeks hasn’t been helpful but I have checked on the baby and everything still looks great.  I am four weeks away from starting my second trimester and I can’t wait.  Luckily for me I will be experiencing the easier part of pregnancy during our June trip to Las Vegas for the World Tea Expo and to Napa Valley and San Francisco in July.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to drink the wine but don’t think for a moment that I am above using a spittoon.

Though I am not out of the woods yet I have a strong feeling that this pregnancy is going to be just fine.  For once I can say that I feel it will be totally….”normal.”

 Sesame Seed 3:19:2013

This brings me to the tea portion of this blog post.  I drank tea all throughout my first pregnancy and plan on doing the same all throughout this one.

I Love My Job!

 - by iheartteas

Back from a rather long trip visiting family in Maine and I am eager to start refocusing my energy back to iHeartTeas.  I have so much planned before the end of the year and want to share my excitement with you.

I have plans to add new products, that I am sure will get the attention they deserve.  I am currently in the process of testing those products which only reinforces just how much “I love My Job!”

Before I share what’s new I want to share my direction for iHeartTeas, other than tea of course.  I want to introduce iHeartTeas as a website offering unique products, most of which are limited in nature.  It is my intension to keep a small number of handcrafted teas on a permanent basis including select tea-inspired beauty products.  The remaining offerings would be made available in small quantities and once sold out, they are gone.  As a result, keeping my site stocked with new and exciting products always.  Just remember if you see something you like you had better jump on it.  If you don’t, you may miss your one time opportunity.

Some of the changes will include several opportunities to customize tea-inspired beauty products.  I will be offering relaxing “Spa Bath Salts”, “Emulsifying Sugar Scrubs”, “Perfume Oils”, “Bath Bombs”, “Lip Balms”, and so much more.  Many of these products will be prepared to order based on the fragrance you select.  Be careful when you make your choice, you wouldn’t want to smell like onions would you?  I will provide a wide range of options, thus making it fun and unique to you.  For select products you will be given the option to select up to three different fragrances.  If you want your bath to smell like Apple Pie, I would combine apple, vanilla, and cinnamon fragrances, yum!
Next, tea! I already have a selection of tea handcrafted by me. They are listed below…

1. Sweet Velvet Fog {Black Tea Blend}

2. Winter Frost {Black Tea Blend}

3. Creamy Pumpkin Spice {Black Tea Blend}

4. Raspberry & Apricot Delight {Green Tea Blend}

5. Strawberry Lemonade {Herbal & Rooibos Blend}

6. Strawberry Island {Black Tea Blend}

These teas have become a part of my permanent collection.  So many of you have been enjoying these far too much for me to retire any of them.  In the future I may add more to my handcrafted selection however for now this will be it.

*NEW – Tea Blends & Orthodox Teas

I have decided to add new teas that I have sourced for their unique qualities.  I am in the process of testing them all right now.  I will be releasing them soon, slowly, and on a limited, small available quantity basis so that I may find more gems to offer in the future.

*New – Tea Accessories and Wares

I’m so excited to announce that I will soon offer Yixing pots and cups on an EXTREMELY LIMITED basis. I also have a couple of other unique items but will only announce them once I have them listed.  Don’t want to give away all my secrets.

I hope you’re as excited as I am. Working on streamlining iHeartTeas and what I want is so much fun. Pretty soon I’ll even have a small panel of testers for my beauty products.  Once everything has been tested and tweaked as needed I’ll start to slowly roll out the new products.  I will even be coming out with my first newsletter with many of you already subscribed. If you are not yet it’s never too late.  Go over to iHeartTeas and head to the bottom right corner to sign up.
Lastly but never least, I just want to thank my amazing husband.  He is my behind the scenes supporter.  He has encouraged me to reach for the stars and is always there for me. I even need to thank my five year old daughter who now has been touched by tea her entire life, who helps me whenever she can. Breeding the next generation of tea drinker and lover.

It’s my goal to cultivate an affinity of tea and all tea-inspired products. Finding ways to incorporate tea in a multitude of ways thought out our daily lives.  That’s why “I Love My Job!”  That’s why I started iHeartTeas.

Why “Silence is NOT Golden” – My Story

 - by iheartteas

Ok so this really has nothing to do with tea but mostly to do with the people that drink tea.

* Warning - I am probably writing this when I shouldn’t since I am a bit emotional at the moment.  Sometimes I find relief in writing and so I thought why not drag you tea friends into it for some of your thoughts.

What a day for mixed emotions.  My husband and I are celebrating our 15th Wedding Anniversary in our most usual custom, apart.  Of course being apart isn’t by choice but rather been a part of our lives together from the start.  First, because of duty and now because of career.   Many of you, if not all of you know keeping a marriage together can be a difficult yet rewarding task but not without its lumps.   About 5 or so months ago my husband and I had one of those rather large lumps, of those you had better learn how to climb a mountain or dig a path through one if you plan on making it through this.  Before your imaginations run wild, there was no matter of infidelity involved so we best let that thought go.  This was one of those “growing apart” and “having children changes things” situations.

~ Just follow me through this rather drawn out story.  I must set a proper scene to get you to where I am going.  Thanks for being  patient. ~

We were one of those couples that rarely argued.  I mean we had little fights and disagreements but not the big fights we were always were helping our other friends work out. Trust me, I took pride in knowing that we got along so well.  At least until that one fateful day my world as I knew it came to an end.  Seems I was living a lie.  It was all a dream.  I was obviously in shock, denial, and so many other mixed emotions but what came to me as the biggest surprise is that I was ok with it.  For brief moments I felt if I lost it all that would be fine.  It was so odd, I thought why wasn’t I fighting?  I thought did my subconscience know something  I didn’t?  Needless to say it was a confusing time.

At this time I allowed myself to find comfort in my friends and family.  It is something I NEVER do. I am a private person and my problems are my own.  However,  this time I felt it was different.  I felt it was time I spoke with my family and friends about what had happened.  I always hated burdening others with my drama.  I used to put little value in myself, my feelings, and always put everyone else before me.

~ Boy, even I hope I know where I am going with this. ~

So after about a week of  indecision, upset stomach, thoughts of nothing but what would happen to us, and our family.  We finally had or BIGGEST argument ever.  Even bigger than our initial conversation about how he felt about me, about us.  I won’t go into the naughty tidbits but lets just say this… It ran into the wee daylight hours, involved him taking a long walk and getting lost, and a couple of nice gentlemen in uniforms.  (At this time I’d like to inform all of you there was NO physical violence, so please do not let your imaginations run wild)

That fight was a revelation for both of us. We discovered  neither of us were truly being honest with each other or even ourselves.   One did one thing for another thinking that’s what they wanted while the other really didn’t even like what it was.  “Silence is Golden” does not apply to relationships people.

After we struggled for a couple of months we dedicated ourselves to always be open and honest with each other no matter what.  As a result of what started as a fight and ended as a happy realization that we do love each other deeply we are more committed now than we even were from the start.  We haven’t been this close in all our years of marriage.  I’ve even got him drinking tea.


Today I celebrated my 15 year marriage.

Today I want you to celebrate all the wonderful relationships you have and could have as I remember Milly.  A sweet gal that made me laugh and kept me wanting.

I wanted to bring you my story because of Milly and all the other people in our lives that mean so much to us and haven’t told.  I know we all have simalar stories of our own.  Sometimes,  however we forget to tell those people closest to us or even those we only know because of the Internet just how much we care.   Our time is short, spend it wisely.


Rachel :)