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A French Tandem Tea Tasting

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I am keeping this short and sweet as this wasn’t my cup of tea.  Not because the tea itself was flawed in anyway at all but rather it isn’t for my palette.   The tea I am referring to is a Turkish inspired green tea blend called Thé Du Hammam which was graciously provided by the lovely Jo Johnson @jopj which she purchased from Palais des Thés.  It is my understanding it is very popular and I can imagine why.  If there ever was a tea you would imagine was of French character this is it.  It is floral, slightly sweet, and perfume-like.  While sipping and conversing it dawned on me that this tea would make a wonderful addition to a chocolate truffle recipe.

THÉ DU HAMMAM green tea

the-du-hammam tea pic

The tea brought on a lot of wonderful conversation as always.  I even had the chance to introduce my newly born baby boy Ethan Asom Carter.  He played well with group but I think that is only true because I promised him tea later.  Not only did we talk about tea but life as well.  The two of which are closely intertwined for me.   I am always grateful to have so many wonderful friends both near and far, especially to have tea with.

Ethan Asom Carter


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Keeping up with iHeartTeas

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Keeping Up With iHeartTeas

As most of you already know I have a lot going on right now.  You would think being pregnant was enough for someone’s to-do list but as it turns out I just can’t stop myself from doing more.  I will highlight a few things that have been going on.  A brief explanation of what I have been up to just 6 days 3 days away from delivering my baby boy Ethan Asom Carter.

Monthly Tandem Tea Tasting Google+ Hangout

Our last gathering consisted of a mini-holiday card project and a couple of seasonal tea favorites from iHeartTeas.  We sampled the following…

  1. Creamy Pumpkin Spice Tea – Not a chai so please expect a very spicy tea.  This is a mellow tea with essence of pumpkin, creamy sweet background, and a light flavoring of seasonal spices.  This is great straight but lately I have been making it as a stovetop latte.  I have a post about just how I did this on my blog.  I will link it here.  Pumpkin Tea Latte Recipe Creamy Pumpkin Spice Pic
  2. Winter Frost – Also a black-based tea I actually enjoy this blend year around.  I know my husband can’t live without it.  It is his absolute favorite tea ever.  It is bright, minty, with deep undertones.  It blends peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla flavors.  I would like to make is as a cold blended tea similar to a Frappuccino from Starbucks but have yet to try it.  When I do I will report back of course. Winter Frost

I don’t want to go to into these teas as they are mine and I am partial to them but feel free to read the unbiased reviews of the others that drank these on their blogs in case you are curious of their feelings.  Lastly, below is the card I put together for our mini-holiday project.  I love card making and scrapbooking so including this was a ton of fun.

Halloween Card

Tandem Tea Tasters

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Tea Magazine Holiday Gift Guide – November 2013 Issue

How exciting our newly reformulated Rose Petal & Green Tea {Goat’s Milk Bath} has been selected to be featured in this year’s holiday gift guide.  It contains real green tea extract, rose petals, replenishing Epsom salt, and goats milk.  Everything you need to keep you relaxed this holiday season or give to a person you know in need of the most pampering this year.  We all know just about someone who could stand to slow down and relax a little.

Rose Petal & Green Tea New Pic 1


theDevotea & iHeartTeas Holiday Gift Pack Collaboration

For the last 4 to 5 months I have been working with Nicole Schwartz, owner of theDevotea-USA to come up with some natural, tea-infused products to showcase our best products and talents.  Using her amazing tea blend known as 1,001 Nights I formulated an exclusive to theDevotea only products.  The first of many adventures I hope.  The first product made is an all-natural vegan cold process soap and the second also an all-natural, vegan lip balm.  The soap is geared more towards a bright vegetal lemongrass scent and the lip balm more balance with both fragrances but a touch more towards the side of peppermint.  We used no artificial colors or fragrance and just know you will love this pairing.  Don’t’ forget we tea-infused the oil used in both products with real tea, peppermint, lemongrass, and lemon myrtle which was provided by thedevotea.  It is sure to please everyone on your list this holiday season.  Perhaps this would make a wonderful present for you as well.

1,001 Nights Tea Soap & Lip Balm Pic 1

Last But Certainly Not Least!

Baby Ethan is arriving earlier than even expected before.  Now coming in Columbus Day this Monday the 14th.  Stayed Tuned!

Happy Dance

Obsessed With Green

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No, I’m not talking about money. Although I wouldn’t mind an extra few bucks. What I am talking about is…Green Tea.

Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas

Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas

Like many of you, I go through moods where I drink a particular tea constantly and then when the wind blows just right I switch to something new a few weeks or months down the line. These days I am just gaga over green tea.

A few of my favorites are…

Picture Provided By ItoEn.com

Picture Provided By ItoEn.com

1. Oi Ocha Dark (RTD) from ITO EN – I have been drinking this for years and do not plan on giving it up anytime in the future. It is my in between a freshly steeped cup beverage of choice. A water substitute if you will. Those who see me frequently would not recognize me without my bottle by my side. I am proud of this and would help pedal this beverage to all that gaze upon its glory with eyes of curiosity.

Picture Provided By ItoEn.com

Picture Provided By ItoEn.com

2. Sencha Shot (RTD) from ITO EN – The first time I had this was at the World Tea Expo 2012 in Las Vegas. I regret not writing about it then but it might have been for the best as I have really started to appreciate this more just these past few months. It is magnificent chilled and the flavor is truly authentic. I am extremely impressed with the manufacturing of this product and its ability to preserve the authentic flavor of Sencha. My only complaints would be price as it is a bit above what I would be willing to spend on a regular basis and size of the can. I would like to see this released in large quantity vessels, although understand why this may not be what ITO EN may have envisioned with this particular beverage

Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas

Taken & Edited By: iHeartTeas

3. Asanoka Sencha from @AGiftofTea – The very same Sencha I have been cooking with and eating. My dear friend and fellow @TeaTrade Blogger and seller Jo Johnson was kind enough to send me some of this tea over the holidays. It is because of her that I have found a new respect and appreciation for good Sencha. It isn’t that I hadn’t been exposed to better quality Sencha in the past but rather I had fallen in with a bad crowd. It seems the majority of the Sencha as of late was of poorer quality making me forget about what could be. So many times I had been exposed to Sencha that was lighter in color, a bit longer in leaf, wider, and flatter than what you would expect in a better quality Sencha. Jo was my savior when she introduced me to this gorgeous specimen and now I will never look back. Keep in mind I was a lucky girl since she sent this to me out of the kindness of her heart. She has not officially posted this item up for sale yet. If you are interested in purchasing it, please contact her directly through Tea Trade.

Rachel Carter
iHeartTeas:The Blog

Tea Review: Raspberry & Apricot Green Tea Delight on Steepster

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Score: 88 of 100

I used a little over 1 tsp because I use 8 ounces of water and I never know if steeping recommendations are for 6 or 8 ounces so I just added a little more tea. I also steeped for an extra minute so even if that was wrong it is a forgiving tea!
This tea is JUICY! It makes your mouth water and the flavors are really quite wonderful! I could not detect any artificial flavors even if they are used and I am pretty sensitive to artificial flavorings.
I am also not typical a fan of apricot flavored teas but this one is soooo good!
I think the sweet raspberry – not tart which really helps to mellow the usually more pungent earthy apricot and while I do like earthy teas, apricot and I do not normally get along.
The aroma of this tea is super sweet super yummy with this almost vanilla aroma to it.
No sugar is needed to add to this tea its really quite perfectly sweet and balanced all on its own and I can only imagine adding sugar would make it all the more decedent or dipping some sugar cookies into it but I have had my allotment of cookies for today lol.
I am impressed – I purchased some 52 teas that had been revived from iHeartTeas.com and this was included as a free sample! This lovely lady blends her own teas and I give her two huge thumbs up – if only I had more thumbs!
Try her teas people they are dang good! :)

Source: Steepster.com

This is my first official review of a tea I had blended personally and it was so wonderful I just had to share with you.