Month: February 2013

Tea Essential: Steep & Chill from The Tea Spot

First, thank you “The Tea Spot” for allowing me the opportunity to test and officially become addicted to the Steep & Chill. Initial Use: I followed the directions as stated on the packaging. Features: As listed on The Tea Spot website Borosilicate glass iced tea pitcher Large volume loose leaf infuser Solid ice tube freezer core Dishwasher safe BPA-free Makes… Read more →

and the Winners are…

Before I get to the nitty gritty, I first wanted to thank everyone that participated. This was by far the most successful contest I have run. What I mean by successful was the amount of chatter surrounding it, number of site visits, comments, and the overall pure energy around it. Thanks to you, I can say with pride… “You like… Read more →

Tea Retailer? or Tea Blogger? Why Not Both?

Tea Retailer? or Tea Blogger? Why Not Both? Recently, I have been faced with this very question and as it appears many still operate in absolutes. I never thought of myself as one or the other. I’m a complicated person plus a woman and you know we can do it all. So what I want is acceptance that grey areas… Read more →

Tea Magazine Has Gone Digital!

Tea Magazine Has Gone Digital! Why does this matter? Simple, in this world of multi-tasking I would like to peacefully sit down to a magazine and a cup of tea but truthfully it just does not happen as frequently as I’d like. In reality I am typing away, searching something on online, responding to tweets, reading blog posts, updating Facebook… Read more →

Obsessed With Green

No, I’m not talking about money. Although I wouldn’t mind an extra few bucks. What I am talking about is…Green Tea. Like many of you, I go through moods where I drink a particular tea constantly and then when the wind blows just right I switch to something new a few weeks or months down the line. These days I… Read more →

19 Lessons On Tea – Review

19 Lessons On Tea By: 27Press I was lucky enough to find out on Twitter that this book was available for free on the Kindle but only temporarily. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. Who wouldn’t, it is all about tea after all. Once I got started, I quickly found the book to be a nice quick read with… Read more →

Super Bowl Sunday & Tea

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and I’ll be cheering for the 49er’s as that is my husbands favorite team. Unless the Chicago Bears were in the Super Bowl too, it means I’ll be supporting him and his team today. Today I’ll be at my parents celebrating the Super Bowl on their new 70inch flat panel TV whilst chugging on my Oi… Read more →

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