Matcha vs Sencha Challenge Day 6

Matcha Love

Rough start today. Son woke up kind of early and I was so tired from all the craziness from yesterday that I truly wanted to just stay in bed. Of course this is never an option for the mom on the go. So I get up against my own good judgement and soldier on.  It helps that on the ride I got a little help on the radio.

Ja Rule in XM

Thank goodness I had my shot of Unsweetened Matcha Love from Ito En on the ride to the gym. As I have stated before the Matcha gives me an all around “good feeling.” Afterwards, I felt a bit more ready to take on the day. By the time I got to the gym I was able to jump onto the weights and get through pretty easily. I even challenged myself by adding a few reps and increased the weight on a few machines. I feel it has to do a lot with the positive mental charge I get after the matcha.

However, my workout was interrupted while on the treadmill. My little guy needed a diaper change but it didn’t end there. Acting out of character he started crying and wouldn’t stop. Unfortunately that meant I had to abandon the remainder of my workout. On the ride home I was still craving more activity. As soon as I got home I loaded my son into his stroller and went for a walk around the neighbor. I was happy because I got in the rest of my cardio. He was happy because he got to go for a ride and was with mommy. I’m glad I was able to roll with the punches today and glad to have the extra energy I desperately needed.

One of these days I want to try a can of Matcha Love first and right after drink a Sencha Shot. I feel both would make a powerful combination of mental and physical endurance. That would be another challenge all together though. Perhaps after I finish this challenge three weeks from now I can give it a try.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that today would be my final daily post. After today I will post weekly.

Overall results thus far…
Unsweetened Matcha Love – Great for mental preparation and endurance
Sencha Shot – A nice physical energy booster to help push my peak.

Bottom-line: Tea makes for a valuable addition to my workout regime.

Note: As I have stated before I am not a doctor. These are my unscientific results and mine alone. Your results will likely vary.

Thanks for reading. See you next week.

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